Synon Mainframe Refresher

SYNON Access Paths

Access paths are logical files which provide access to physical file.

On Designer/ProgrammerMenu take Z against the file to see all access path.

File types

It will take you to following screen.

File types

There are folloiwng types of Access Path. PHY,UPD and RTV access paths are created by default for every file

PHY - Physical access path refers to physical file.
UPD - Update access path used to add/update/delete recrods from the file.
RTV - Retrieve access path to read record from the file using default keys.
RSQ - Resequence access path to change the keys and Ascending/Descending order of logical file.
SPN - Span access path in order to obtain a logical view that combines two different access path formats.

Access paths are used by Synon functions. For example Display record/File function would use RTV or RSQ access path but to update/Delete or Add record in file UPD access path is used.