Synon Mainframe Refresher

SYNON Editor

Typing F against a synon function will open the function in editor which looks like following.

File types

Press F5 anytime to see a list of User points. <<< indicates that user point is updated by a programmer.

Press Shift+F5 to search functions/files/fields within the action diagram.

Press Shift+F7 to open screens of screen functions like edit file, edit record, display file etc..

Press Shift+F6 to open notepad.

Following options are available to edit code in synon

* - Activate/Inactivate construct (Comment out)
** - Place block Activate/Inactivate boundary
A - Place copied or moved construct after this line
B - Place copied or moved construct before this line
C - Copy construct to a point indicated by 'A' or 'B'
CC - Place block Copy boundary
D - Delete this construct
DD - Place block Delete boundary
F - Edit action or condition details for line
FF - Edit action parameters
H - Hide construct
I+ - Insert *ADD built-in function
I+F - Insert and Prompt *ADD built-in function
I* - Insert Comment
I*F - Insert and Prompt Comment
I- - Insert *SUB built-in function
I-F - Insert and Prompt *SUB built-in function
I= - Insert *MOVE built-in fuction
I=A - Insert and Prompt *MOVE ALL built in function
I=F - Insert and Prompt *MOVE built-in function
I=M - Insert and Prompt *MOVE ARRAY built-in function
IA - Insert Action
IAF - Insert and Prompt Action
IC - Insert Case condition
ICF - Insert and Prompt Case condition
IE - Insert *EXIT PROGRAM function
II - Insert Iteration
IIF - Insert and Prompt Iteration
IM - Insert message function
IMF - Insert and Prompt Message function
IO - Insert *OTHERWISE condition
IOF - Insert and Prompt *OTHERWISE condition
IQ - Insert *QUIT function
IS - Insert Sequence
ISF - Insert and Prompt Sequence
IX - Insert New condition within case
IXF - Insert and Prompt New condition within Case
M - Move construct to a point indicated by 'A' or 'B'
MM - Place block Move boundary
N - Display narrative of selected object
NA - Copy to notepad & append to contents of notepad
NAA - Place block notepad append boundary
NI - Insert entire contents of notepad after this line
NR - Copy to notepad & append to contents of notepad
NRR - Place block notepad replace boundary
PR - Display construct protection details
R - Display model references of selected object
S - Show construct
T - Return to top level of action diagram
U - Display model usages of selected object
V - View summary
Z - Zoom into construct