Synon Mainframe Refresher

Change Object

Every file(CPT, REF) once created in synon gets Create object, Change object and delete object function by default

As its name suggest Change object allows you to Change/Update a existing record in the file. It does not have any object name and is used as a subroutine with in the calling functions.

All the fields from the Update access path must be declared as parameters to the 'Change object' function, they cannot be dropped. Any fields which are not included in updating the database file record should be defined as 'Neither' (N) parameters.

Action diagram user exit points
- Processing before DBF update
- USER: Processing before DBF read
- USER: Processing if DBF record not found
- USER: Processing after DBF read
- USER: Processing before DBF update
- Processing after DBF update
- USER: Processing after DBF update