Synon Mainframe Refresher

Display Record

The CA 2E 'Display record' program defines a program to display a single record from a specified database file. If no key is supplied, a key screen prompts for a key.

There are 3 different types of display records.

1. Display record(1 Screen)
2. Display record(2 Screen)
3. Display record(3 Screen)

They are all same except 2,3 Screen provides extra screen so you can fit more fields. A typical display record screen looks like following.

Now for example there are 100 fields that you want to put on a screen but you can not fit all of them in one screen then you can choose to use Display records 2 Screen or 3 Screen function.

Display Record

Following are the screen formats available for Display record.

Display record

Display record as its name suggest does not provide any update/delete/add record function. Use Edit record if you need to perform Add/Update/delete file record operation.

Action diagram user exit points
- Initialisation
- USER: Initialise program
- Key screen
- USER: Initialise key screen
- USER: Validate key screen
- Detail screen
- USER: Load detail screen from DBF record
- USER: Process key screen request
- CALC: Detail screen function fields
- USER: Validate detail screen
- USER: Perform confirmed action
- Command keys
- USER: Process command keys
- Closedown
- USER: Exit program processing