Synon Mainframe Refresher

SYNON Main Menu

Synon menu looks like following.

There are 3 Important Menu options in Synon.
1. Designer
2. Programmer
3. User

Designer option is usually used by admin for creation of New files. This option is often not accessible to everyone.

Programmer menu is used by application developer to Add/update/delete functions and Screens. This is what you will be using most of the time as a developer.

User menu is a good alternative when you just want to browse code and you do not want to update it. Its recommended to use this option if you are not planning to change code.

Main menu

Following screen will open if you choose Designer option

Main menu

First option EDIT DATABASE RELATION will allow you to add or update file/fields.

Choose option 1 and following screen will open. This is where you can declare your files.

Main menu

In Synon Choose option F3 to exit from model any time. Keep hitting F3 until you reach following screen and choose option 1 to exit.

Main menu