Synon Mainframe Refresher

Display File

Suppose you need to provide a screen to display records of a file then you should use display file function. Once you create this function the screen looks like following image.

Display file

Display file as its name suggest does not provide any update/delete/add records function. Use Edit file if you need to perform Add/Update/delete file records operations.

Following are the screen formats available for display file.

Display file

Action diagram user exit points
- Initialisation
- USER: Initialise program
- Load subfile
- USER: Initialise subfile control
- USER: Initialise subfile record from DBF record
- Process subfile (Pre-confirm)
- CALC: Subfile control function fields
- USER: Process subfile control (Pre-confirm)
- CALC: Subfile record function fields
- USER: Process subfile record (Pre-confirm)
- USER: Final processing (Pre-confirm)
- Process subfile (Post-confirm)
- (Only available if Post-confirm pass option selected.)
- USER: Process subfile control (Post-confirm)
- USER: Process subfile record (Post-confirm)
- USER: Final processing (Post-confirm)
- Command keys
- USER: Process command keys
- Closedown
- USER: Exit program processing