Synon Mainframe Refresher

SYNON Field Types

You can define fields as Designer or Developer

Press F7 to all fields in following screen

File types

It will open a screen where you can see all the fields. Press F10 to define Field. That will open a screen like following where you can define field.

File types

On the above screen MyField is created. This is how you can create a field in Synon

Following are the types of fields you can choose at the time of creation

CDE - Alphameric code value
DT# - Date in *ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD internally)
DTE - Date in system date format - (YYMMDD internally)
D8# - Date in pure numeric format (YYYYMMDD internally)
IGC - Ideographic text
NAR - Narrative text
NBR - Pure numeric value (eg line number).
PCT - Percentage or market index.
PRC - Price or tarrif
QTY - Quantity
REF - Field is based on another field.
SGT - Surrogate (number representing an object)
STS - Status.
TM# - Time in *ISO format (HH.MM.SS internally)
TME - Time in HHMMSS format.
TXT - Object text.
VAL - Monetary value.
VNM - Valid System name.

Following are the Field attributes you can choose at the time of creation

CDE - Code database field. Used in Known by and Qualified by relations only.
ATR - Attribute database field. Used for filed fields which are non-keys.
CNT - Count function field
DRV - Derived function field
MAX - Maximum function field
MIN - Minimum function field
SUM - Sum function field
USR - User function field